Appraisals Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Certified Appraisal?

Yes. If you want an accurate defendable value of tangible machinery and equipment, you should hire a certified machinery and equipment appraiser.

What is a CME?

A CME is a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Expert, capable of providing a systematic, documented value of the new or used machinery and equipment found in most businesses throughout the US.

A CME is regulated nationally by federal law under USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) guidelines and is your best source for accuracy and reliability when establishing value of tangible assets.

Is my Certified Appraisal Defendable?

Yes. Your CME appraisal is based on standards in practice and is not only dependable but, such methods and practices have been proven reliable, even in courtroom situations.

Who Uses Certified Appraisals?

Business owners looking to sell
Partners looking to buy out Partners
Attorneys (Probate, Divorce, IRS, Bankruptcy), Bankers (loans, collections, re-sale), Bank
Examiners (audits), CPA’s, and Courts

Do only the tangible assets of your business have value? If so, how are those assets valued?

All tangible assets have value. Book value (not accurate), or worse yet, guessing or taking a non-certified person’s word for value can not only result in error but, a lesser determined value than may likely exist. Determining condition, age, best use, market variables and other key factors in establishing such value are best left to experts who are trained in the necessary methods and have access to the data necessary to provide reliable results for an accurate value. Intangible Assets also have value. These are best determined by a Business Valuation.

What is USPAP?
(Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice)

These Standards are based on the original Uniform Standards developed in 1986-87 by the Ad Hoc Committee on Uniform Standards and copyrighted in 1987 by the Appraisal Foundation. The effective date of the original standards was April of 1987 and these standards are reviewed and updated regularly.

What does a Certified Appraisal Cost?

Generally the price of an Equipment Appraisal is based on the number of significant pieces of equipment being appraised. Our staff can work with you to determine the scope of work being performed and provide pricing and terms before you begin. Contact Us now for further information.

Certified Equipment Appraisals and Business Valuations anywhere in the US for  bank loans, buyouts, probate, bankruptcy and more.