Classic Auto Appraisal Services


We provide auto appraisals for loan values, divorce settlements, insurance and a host of related value purposes. autos2Rather fair market value  for loans or retrospective and prospective values for divorce or estates, is U.S.P.A.P. certified to provide a comprehensive report and option of value. Contact us today to order your Classic Auto Appraisal.

When you need a diminished value appraisal call on us. We work with body shops, attorneys, and other professionals and provide complete reports that are clear and easy to follow. By law, you are entitled to be made whole by your insurance company. is U.S.P.A.P. certified. We can provide Classic Automobile Appraisals anywhere in the US. We have been providing quality certified appraisal reports to owners, banks, credit unions, attorneys and other professionals since 2006.


If you need an appraisal for lending purposes, sale or to determine a value for any reason, call on to get your professional appraisal and get it for less than other national companies. autos3We charge $295 for our complete and comprehensive report that is signed and certified. Other companies charge $300 to $350 or more.

Put it simply; we will get you the automobile appraisal for less with a quick turn-around.

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  • Diminished Auto Appraisals
  • Court Testimony
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